ABC Mornings, Friday 19 March  2011 - with Linda Mottram

History tells us who we are. It tells us where we've come from, who we belong to and how we've coped with adversity through-out the ages. So, when we're looking at historic evidence, artefacts that can be scientifically dated, it's essential that we get it right.

Susan Rosen is a historian and she's concerned that the Experiment Farm Cottage in Parramatta has been incorrectly dated. She's penned a book called "Australia's Oldest House", challenging the long-held view that it was built in the mid-1830s. Sue says it was a product of the 1790s. That's a 40 year discrepancy, so, in this case, what does that mean for our understanding of the young colony?

Listen to the interview and you'll find out!

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