Dr Sue Rosen is an experienced Native Title and Indigenous History researcher and historian, having prepared history reports for some seven native title cases to establish claimant’s family associations and relationships, their connection to country and the practise of traditional culture.

Sue has also prepared databases and digital archives of original source documents related to Aboriginal history for the entire east coast of NSW.

She also prepares family biographies and enjoys co-writing with families and groups. Oral history interviews, video history and documentary are all part of her portfolio.

Sue Rosen & Associates Consultants can prepare all your heritage interpretation materials and reports for implentation.

In 2011 we prepared a Heritage Management Plan and Interpretation Strategy for the Port Kembla Copper site, and at the other extreme, we undertook research to underpin the interpretation to the public the Murray River Red Gum for the NSW Nationals Parks and Wildlife Service.

From the resources and stories we produced, National Parks could create storyboards, videos for YouTube, website development, walking trails, interpretation panels, exhibits, videos and other material for cultural tourism purposes.

We are the best forensic researchers in Australia. Tracking through indexes and registers to find the vital data your project needs is our speciality.

Our findings on the existence (or not) of a public road in the Cessnock LGA were adopted by Judge Bryson in the Equity Division of the NSW Supreme Court in Palmisano v Hawse.

At State Records NSW we are particularly familiar with the  Colonial Secretary's Papers, the Surveryor General's papers, Lands Department records, the colonial court records.  

Historic Land Titles and Old System searches are another area of expertise.

Click here to connect to the debate our research into Experiment Farm Cottage at Parramatta generated.

We do heritage assessments, heritage impact statements, conservation management plans that are  multi-disciplinary and evidence-based incorporating social impact and social value. Our teams create methodological models for heritage assessments for museums and galleries for assessing moveable heritage and characterstics, developing the model for assessment involving multiple owners, landholders and other stakeholders.