Oral Histories

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Interviewer: Sue Rosen

Length: 4550 words

Date: May 1992

Nana Jurd came to the Central MacDonald on her marriage in 1920 where they were orchardists until the 1949 flood when they lost 2800 fruit trees in full bearing. She recalled that

"… when my Albert started school [1920s] we had to buy a boat to get him across the river because the school was on the opposite side of the river, to where we lived, and we had to buy a boat and had to put him across every morning, and go and put him back again of an afternoon ... in the boat I used to; and of course if it was rough water; I couldn't do it. My husband used to go and do it. When I left there, when my husband past away [1961], you could walk across. At low tide you could walk across with your Wellington boots on."

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