Oral Histories

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Interviewer: Sue Rosen

Length: 5900 words

Date: April 1992

Harold Hall was born in 1917 and his family lived in the old church house at Ebenezer. He has witnessed many changes in the river, including changes in the channel s well as in the water flora and fauna.

"Well, it's getting shallower all the time; and you can put this down to floods, I'd say. The banks .... In a big flood - nobody seems to realize this - in a big flood, the flood will come up and stay for about three or four days; and then it will suddenly drop. It's only sandy banks around here, deposited by previous floods, I'd say; but as soon as the water goes down, the water soaks out of the bank again, say, up to a week later; and away goes the bank, straight into the river. The 'Lady Hawkesbury' used to come up here …. She's given it away now, because it's not profitable, I think; but she had a devil's own job to get up to Windsor Wharf, and she only drew four feet of water."

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