Oral Histories

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Doug Witherdin joined Ophir Electricity in 1967 and studied full time to attain an electrical engineering certificate. He then worked in the design office and undertook surveys for overhead power lines, and designing cable installations as an engineering officer. He talks about changes in the industry, about OH&S and the amalgamations within the industry.

“I think the biggest, enjoyment, that I’ve got from it, is that being able to be part and help the local community grow and expand. All the new industries that come into the town, you’re a part of that from, from early negotiations, for their electricity supplies. All the underground residential, sub-divisions that occur, you, you’d do the design work for that, and see them progress, and see the new houses being built. All the major industries .... I’ve had, had a hand in helping those establish, with their electricity supplies. So, yeah, it’s just, just an enjoyment being able to help the community grow.”

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