Oral Histories

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Ian started work as an apprentice electrical fitter mechanic at Southern Mitchell straight from school. He talks about his experiences in  the field, being on call, on one occasion being electrocuted when up a pole and the excitement of working in an industry. That has expanded and changes so dramatically in his life time.

“After coming out of school, I was one of the ... leaders of the school as you say. And then going back to probably the bottom of the ladder at a, at a work place. I certainly got a shock when I, when I started work. I was, I imagined that electricity would be a very, very cushy type of job. You know, office work, calculations, etcetera, which I was led to believe. But, I soon learnt that I had to start off at the bottom of the ladder and it involved, digging trenches, driving earth pins, filing, painting, every nasty thing you could, you could think of. And, that happened probably for the first year or so, year and half of hard work. And I’m just thinking that, you know, this, what have I let myself in for.”

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