Oral Histories

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Ken commenced work as a draughtsman at Ulan Shire Council in 1956. He was involved in the extension of the line fromMebul and to Cooba Bulga.It was a lively interview fill with good humour and fond memories. Ken was interviewed at the Advance Energy Office at Gulgong

"I walked in and I was ... introduced around to the engineering staff which totalled exactly four, including myself, and that was in addition to the Chief Engineer, and there was a chap there ... Guy P. Finemore, and he came up to me and he says 'I wouldn't bother unpacking that gear if I were you', and I thought 'Oh my gosh, who's toes have I trod on?', and a ... you know, so early in the piece, so I said "Why Mr Finemore, what's the matter?" and he said 'Well the electrification is just about finished in this area, and you won't be here for long', ... forty four and a half years later ... (laughs) there's still more work here than I can ever finish I my lifetime!"

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