Oral Histories

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Ross Graham started work as an Apprentice Electrical Fitter in 1957 in the Dubbo Municipal Council and by 2000 was the Western Area Services Manager for Advance Energy.

"And you used to have to do everything you were told. A lot different to what you do today; the apprentice tells you what to do! But in those days I did what I was told. And Dubbo had a gas works right near a sub-station we used to have over in North Dubbo. And the chap I was working with said, 'I want you to go around and see' (the chaps name was Steve Jacobs), he said 'I want you to go around and get a bucket of steam, and I want you to bring it back to me.' And of course , what did I do?' I went over and got this bucket of steam (laughs). Went over to get the bucket of steam! And of course it was all set up."

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