Over 31 years we have undertaken commissions and projects across across the gamut of history and heritage practise. These relate to a variety of historical themes, heritage issues and for a variety of purposes in a variety of formats. Please click on one of the thematic, regional or outcome subheadings to see the projects that we have undertaken. We like to be challenged, we like new ideas and to address methodological issues to produce results that are effective, meaningful and reach the intended audience with ease.

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2018 March
Corrimal Hotel

Corrimal Hotel

The Corrimal Hotel  has operated from its corner on the Princes Highway since it first opened in January 1901. Being the Publican of a successful hotel can be hard work - even life threatening - as Charles Edwards discovered in 1909. One night, his bottle of ginger beer  was spiked with enough Strychnine to kill him. Luckily his dinner guest at the time was the local GP, who acted quickly to save his life.


2018 February
Railway Hotel, Lidcombe

Railway Hotel, Lidcombe



The Railway Hotel has watched changes in the surrounding built environment of now-Lidcombe from this corner where the hotel has stood and been in continual operation since 1875/6.

Its long history starts with the predominatley Irish Catholic settlement that evolved on land owned by Sydney's first Catholic Priest, Father John Therry. Built by enterprising local Bernard Gormley, it was leased, then purchased, by famed brewers John and James Toohey. Apart from being a local watering hole and accomodation,...

Heritage Impact Statement for the Rose & Crown Hotel, 11 Victoria Road Parramatta

Heritage Impact Statement for the Rose & Crown Hotel, 11 Victoria Road Parramatta


Authors: Dr Sue Rosen and Mr Martin Pickrell

Client: Marlow Hotel Management

This heritage impact statement comments on the impact of mionor alterations and additions to the Rose & Crown Hotel a listed heritage item on the Parramatta LEP.


Tobacco Manufacture at Raleigh Park, Kensington. A History and Description of the Buildings.

Client: Don Godden and Associates

Authors: Sue Rosen and Robert Irving

A history and description of the buildings of the British Tobacco Company (Australia) Limited, Todman Avenue, Kensington, NSW undertaken as an archival recording of the site prior to its demolition. Includes an account of the tobacco manufacturing activities at Raleigh Park which incorporates an outline corporate history as well as descriptions and analysis of the site and its buildings, structures, equipment...


State Abattoirs Homebush Conservation Plan Historic Context Report.

Client: Don Godden and Associates for Department of Public Works

Authors: Sue Rosen and Annette Green

This report was prepared to inform the heritage assessment of the State Abattoir and was undertaken in conjunction with the assessemnt of the State Brickworks. As part of the research oral history interviews were undetaken with the then current manager, workers and former board members.


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