Daphne Guinness Sydney Morning Herald

... Government House, Parramatta 1788-2000, a lavish new history of the sprawling estate set up by NSW first Governor ... written by Sue Rosen, it was the last production of noted publisher Caroline Fairfax Simpson before she died in January ... the Governor of NSW, Professor Marie Bashir, launches the 150,000 (sic) word tome at Government House, Macquarie Street, on Monday.

The first of Rosen's forensically researched exposes' is about the hidden brewery ... It was she says Australia's first brewery, built by Governor King in 1803 to subvert the then flourishing trade in spirits.

Rosen says her publisher was passionate about delving into the country's founders. Were they a bunch of incompetents as everyone believed? A gang of no hopers lurching from bodged exercise to another? Rosen has evidence that proves that, far from being sloppy, the founders behaved like modern professional land developers.

"They were well organised and their project management skills were excellent".

... And so the idea of her book crystalised: a blueprint of Australia's most important historic house, aimed to ... stir up debate and campaign for upgraded management. 

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