Geraldine O'Brien, South Sydney Herald

Margaret Barry Memorial Lecture 2006, delivered by Sue Rosen

Sue Rosens’s Margaret Barry lecture of August 17th 2006 was reviewed by Geraldine O’Brien in the South Sydney Herald.

REDWatch, an inner city residents and community organisation, which summarised O’Brien’s review called Sue’s interviews of South Sydney residents, on which the her book We Never Had a Hotbed of Crime and the lecture were based, an ‘invaluable and irreplaceable archive’.

O’Brien and REDWatch felt that Sue’s lecture expressed some of the most important concerns of the South Sydney residents; their own views of their community and place, which are often dissonant with the views of outsiders; and the continuity of community across the decades, and through the different fads and phases of city planning.

(REDWatch, September 12 2006, www.redwatch.org.au/author/REDWatch)

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