What People Say About Us

I was impressed with the interviews and in particular the initial efforts to seek, gather and record the oral history. 

Not only have these interviews [with forrestry workers]  allowed the family history to be kept and understood in an unquestionably unique way, but importantly the knowledge of forest management gathered from our dads provided critical insights into a more sustainable forest management system. Our dads were were actively aware of the need to continue this system as a way of caring for and protecting the forest.

That these insights have been recorded for all to hear and see is invaluable for a more holistic discussion on sustainable forest management.

Our family is immeasureably grateful for the recordings. They preserve traditions from our family that are very special to us. That these historical narratives can now be accessed by future and younger members of our family is simply priceless.

Dianne Hill and the Hill Families of Mathoura and Bendigo, 2020

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