People Share Their Stories

Susan grew up in Darlington and spent all her life there. She talks about the day to day life of the children in Calder Road who often ventured into the buildings and grounds of the university. Christmas was her favourite time of year; there were trips to The Entrance for holidays. She did not particularly enjoy school: "St Benedict's wasn't a very nice school. It was full of nuns, and they were really, really tough nuns." Her father's work at the wharves ended after his second accident there: "The first one he had, he fell off the ship, into the water. It was low tide so he broke his leg there. And the second time, he fell from a container into the hull of the ship, and then he crushed his leg. He couldn't go back to work after that. … They lifted him out with a crane …." Susan is able to provide an insight into the ordinary life, struggles and joys of inner city living.

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