Our Place: Newtown & Darlington Interviews

Australian Hotel, Young, Heritage Impact Statement

Author: Liz Gorman

Research: Emily Pickering

Client: The Australian Hotel

This was an assessment of the impact of alterations to the hotel on the heritage qualities of the hotel.

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Our Place - Darlington - Bev Hunter b. 1935

Beverly lived all of her life in Darlington, “right next to where the university has…

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Our Place - Newtown - Zena Sachs b. 1913

Zena Sachs was interviewed by Sue Rosen in December 1994 as part of the South…

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Our Place - Newtown - Loretto Thurgood b. 1919

Loretto grew up in Newtown and Erskineville and particularly loved Newtown. Her story has a…

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Our Place - Newtown - Les Cross b. 1916

Les's father was a well-known herbalist in King Street (He had the shop there for…

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Our Place - Newtown - Leo Hannon b. 1919

What Leo Hannan remembers most vividly about Newtown is the poverty: "You never forget the…

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Our Place - Newtown - Keith Mulhearn b. 1904

Keith Mulhearn had lived with his sister, Claire, in Fitzroy Street Newtown since 1912. He…

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Our Place - Newtown - Kate Dunbar b. 1923

Kate is particularly articulate about her family's unusual circumstances, in that her father kept two…

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