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Sue Rosen Associates is a history and heritage consultancy whose professional experience dates back to 1988. The company is a leading provider of history and heritage advisory and research services. We draw on a well established skill base of historians, European and Aboriginal archaeological expertise, heritage architects, planners, engineers, surveyors, photographers, historic landscape, flora and fauna specialists, artists and designers, and video and book production specialists.

Sue Rosen - Principal Historian, Heritage Consultant and Project Director
Sue Rosen - Principal Historian, Heritage Consultant and Project Director

Sue Rosen - Principal Historian, Heritage Consultant and Project Director

Born in Lockhart in the southern Riverina, Sue was educated at Mt Erin and Trinity Senior High Schools in Wagga Wagga. She came to Sydney to attend Macquarie University in the mid 1970s where she undertook her BA Dip Ed. After a couple of years of overseas travel, she returned with a Canadian husband and American daughter to Macquarie to do her MA and to teach. A decade into a consulting career, she expanded a commission by Pacific Power to investigate a convict stockade on the Road to Bathurst into a PhD thesis. In between there have been five books, another daughter, many enduring friendships and lots of adventures and discoveries.

Native Title and Indigenous History Research

Experienced Native Title and Indigenous History researcher and historian, family and relationships to country and traditional culture practise.

Heritage Interpretation Services

Able and ready to prepare all your heritage interpretation materials and reports for implementation

Forensic Research in Colonial Records

We are the best forensic researchers in Australia. Tracking through indexes and registers to find the vital data your project needs is our speciality.

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