The Railway Hotel has watched changes in the surrounding built environment of now-Lidcombe from this corner where the hotel has stood and been in continual operation since 1875/6.

Its long history starts with the predominatley Irish Catholic settlement that evolved on land owned by Sydney's first Catholic Priest, Father John Therry. Built by enterprising local Bernard Gormley, it was leased, then purchased, by famed brewers John and James Toohey. Apart from being a local watering hole and accomodation, it also served as the venue for local coronial inquests! Several phases of renovation has seen the hotel updated to keep up with the changes in style and function, culminating in the late-1930's art-deco-style facade seen today.

The largely-internal alterations were assessed to determine the impact on the heritage qualities of the hotel, which is a listed heritage item (Auburn LEP) in the Cumberland Council LGA.

Authors: Liz Gorman and Dr Sue Rosen

Client: Marlow Hotel Group

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