History and Heritage Reports

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Client: Planning Workshop

Authors: Phillip Cox Richardson Taylor & Partners Pty Ltd and Sue Rosen Pty Ltd Historian & Heritage Consultants and Context Landscape Design

This document has been reformatted from an earlier document. Some images are included, but others were not available. However captions with full referencing have been retained for those interested in locating them

The report was commissioned in November 1992 by Planning Workshop. As a conservation plan history it contributed to an assessment of the site's cultural significance. It is not a definitive history of the site but provides a general contextual overview and an analysis of the documentary evidence necessary for the development of a statement of significance.

In the course of the study, duplication of previous work was been avoided. After reviewing earlier studies it was decided to focus research and analysis on aspects of the study site that have not been previously developed, or had in our opinion been inadequately emphasized. It provides a contextual framework that examines the place of 'Newington' in the context of its role in the State's health, welfare and prison systems. Particular attention has also been paid to the physical development of the site and to aspects of ownership during the post Blaxland, pre government phase. Aspects of the history that may profit from further research have also been identified and sources suggested.

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