History and Heritage Reports

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Client: Jackson Teece Chesterman Willis Consultants Pty Ltd

Author: Sue Rosen

A report commissioned by Peter McKenzie of Jackson Teece Chesterman Willis Consultants Pty Ltd in January 1991 to inform a heritage and management study of Garrawarra Hospital, formerly known as the State Sanatorium, Waterfall. Original images were not available for inclusion due to deterioration in their quality, however the captions and sources have been provided.

Indicative Contents

Historical Background - Tuberculosis in Australia, Pre 1909; Establishment Of The Waterfall Sanatorium, 1909; The Tuberculosis Advisory Board, 1912;  The Queen Victoria Home for Consumptives, Thirlmere, 1913; The Queen Victoria Homes for Consumptives, Kings Tableland, Wentworth Falls, 1913; The R.T. Hall Sanatorium, Hazelbrook, 1913; Facilities And Treatment In 1914; Facilities And Treatment 1916 - 1925;  Establishment of the Tuberculosis Division of the Department of Public Health, 1926; The 1930s ; Early Detection And The Decline Of Tuberculosis –Post 1940s; References.            

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