Dr Rosemary Kerr is an historian who has worked for with some 15 years as a heritage consultant, the first six as a full time employess at Sue Rosen Associates and since then on a consultancy basis.Her PhD thesis was titled “On the Road: A Cultural History” and emerged from projects undertaken for the RTA at Sue Rosen Associates. Rosemary has broad experience in historical research and the heritage assessment process, having worked on heritage impact statements, heritage assessments and conservation management plans covering a variety of localities and institutions. 

Rosemary has made major contributions to the the Sydney University Landscape Conservation Plan, the Torrington State Recreation Area Plan of Management, Pheasant's Nest Weir Access  Upgrade Heritage Impact Assessment and the Review of the Newcastle LGA's items of state significance.Rosemary writes clear, informative histories which address the relevant heritage assessment criteria so that sound judgements can be made regarding the significance and appropriate management of heritage items.

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