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Over 31 years we have undertaken commissions and projects across across the gamut of history and heritage practise. These relate to a variety of historical themes, heritage issues and for a variety of purposes in a variety of formats. Please click on one of the thematic, regional or outcome subheadings to see the projects that we have undertaken. We like to be challenged, we like new ideas and to address methodological issues to produce results that are effective, meaningful and reach the intended audience with ease.

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Architectural Investigation at Lake Macquarie

Architectural Investigation at Lake Macquarie



Authors: Archaeological & Heritage Management Solutions (AHMS),

Historical Investigation of Archaeological Potential of Site and Buildings Associated with Threlkeld's 2nd Mission to the Aborigines on Lake Macquarie.

Heritage Impact Statement: Newtown Court House, 222 Australia Street, Newtown

Heritage Impact Statement: Newtown Court House, 222 Australia Street, Newtown





Authors: Emma Dortins and Sue Rosen

This Heritage Impact Statement examines the impact of proposed alterations to Newtown Court House, to allow the Courthouse to meet legislated health and safety requirements, on its heritage significance.


Heritage Impact Statement: 12 Dening Street, The Entrance.

Author: Emma Dortins, Historian

The objective of this Heritage Impact Statement is to assess the impact of additions and alterations to the former Ambulance Station at No. 12 Dening Street on the heritage qualities of that building, a heritage item.


Beecroft Childrens Library - Giving the Gift of Reading 1942 - 1998.

Author: Emma Dortins

This short history is a tribute to the efforts of all the volunteers involved throughout the library’s life of more than half a century. With interest and guidance from their mentors, including those in the Children’s Library and Craft Movement, the library’s voluntary committee and their auxiliary, mothers, friends, husbands and patrons, provided several generations of local children with a golden...


Conservation Plan: The University of Sydney Grounds Conservation Plan.

Authors: Michael Pearson, Duncan Marshall, Donald Ellsmore, Val Attenbrow, Sue Rosen, Rosemary Kerr and Chris Betteridge

Client: University of Sydney

This Conservation Plan documents the various aspects of heritage significance within the grounds of the University of Sydney, develops policies to guide the conservation and management of those grounds and proposes strategies to implement those policies in the longer term.


"Live Wires" Advance Energy Oral History Project.

Authors: Ruth Lawson and Sue Rosen

This video-oral history project was commissioned in 2000 by Advance Energy and consists of interviews with 10 men who were either employees or former employees of Advance Energy, or its predecessors. The interviewees range from linesmen, to engineers and the CEO. They all have many years of experience in electricity distribution in central and western New South Wales. The most remote interviewee was based in...

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Lindesay, Darling Point, Summary of Land Titles Documents 1833 to 1914

Client: Mrs Caroline Simpson

Author: Rosemary Kerr

Summary of Land Titles Documents and Land Titles Chronology for Lindesay, Darling Point from 1833 to 1914


Mary Sparke, "Sydney Home Nursing Service, ... Going the extra mile..., A pictorial history of the Sydney Home Nursing Service, 1900-2000". Northern Sydney Area Health Service, 2000.

Author: Mary Sparke

The work of Sydney Home Nursing Service has become an important component of Community Health Care Services in twenty-first century Sydney. This, in itself, provides a deep tribute, not just to the wisdom and foresight of the early founders of the service - whose work has stood the test of time - but to all those remarkable women and men who have striven, and sometimes fought,...


Heritage Study: Drill Hall at Ashfield Boys' High School, Liverpool Road, Ashfield.

Authors: David Sheedy, Rosemary Kerr and Sue Rosen

Client: NSW Department of Public Works

The authors of this report were commissioned by the NSW Department of Public Works and Services to prepare a Heritage Assessment of the Drill Hall at the Ashfield Boys’ High School. The study was to incorporate an evaluation of the heritage significance of the building and to propose strategies for conserving any historically significant aspects of...

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