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New England

Over 31 years we have undertaken commissions and projects across across the gamut of history and heritage practise. These relate to a variety of historical themes, heritage issues and for a variety of purposes in a variety of formats. Please click on one of the thematic, regional or outcome subheadings to see the projects that we have undertaken. We like to be challenged, we like new ideas and to address methodological issues to produce results that are effective, meaningful and reach the intended audience with ease.

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2017 December
Site Development of Inverell Hospital

Site Development of Inverell Hospital



There are serveral distinct phases of building activity observable on the site of Inverell Hospital; starting with the original 1877 hospital, through the 'new' 1935 hospital, to the wings added from the 1960s onward. 

We used architectural plans and related material obtained from the archives of both the NSW Department of Public Works and State Record Authority to map out a relative timeline of the construction of the various hospital and service buildings extant on the site.

Authors: Liz...

Uralla Shire Council - Community Based Heritage Study and Context Report.

Uralla Shire Council - Community Based Heritage Study and Context Report.







Author: Dr Sue Rosen

Client: Uralla Shire Council

Uralla Community Based Heritage Study: This Community Based approach enabled extensive meetings, discussions, workshops and collection of relevant information and heritage material from the community.


Assessment of Heritage Significance of 34 Bridges for RTA.

Assessment of Heritage Significance of 34 Bridges for RTA.








Authors: Dr Sid French (Worley Parsons) Dr Sue Rosen, Ms Emma Dortins, Ms Rosemary Kerr, Ms Julia Kensey, (Sue Rosen and Associates) 

Client: Roads and Traffic Authority

This project was an extensionof earlier heritage assessments of RTA owned and/or controlled concrete bridges across the state undertaken by Worley Parsons in association Sue Rosen & Associates, then trading as HAAH ( heritage Assessment And History).  It involved a a survey of each brige, historical research, heritage...


Study of the Heritage Significance of a group of RTA controlled Bridges and Ferries in NSW, HAAH and BRW for RTA.

Authors: Sid French, Engineer, Emma Dortins, Laila Ellmoos, Rosemary Kerr and Sue Rosen, Historians

Client: HAAH and Burns and Roe Worley for Roads and Traffic Authority's Environment and Community Policy Branch

This report has been prepared by Heritage Assessment and History (HAAH) in association with Burns and Roe Worley (BRW) in fulfillment of a brief commissioned by the Roads and Traffic Authority's (RTA) Environmental and Community Policy Branch. This brief is part...


The Euahlay-I and Gamilaroi Native Title Claim Aboriginal History.

Authors: Sue Rosen and Mary Sparke

Client: NSW Aboriginal Land Council Native Title Unit

Commissioned by the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council, this project is one part of a larger project investigating the Aboriginal History of the area subject to the Euahlay-I #1, #2 and #3 Native Title Claims and the Gumilaroi #1 Claim. A total of 5 separate reports were required (one general...


Torrington State Recreation Area - Cultural Heritage Assessment

Authors: Rosemary Kerr and Sue Rosen, Historians; Heather Burke, Historical Archaeologist; Anthony English, Archaeologist;  and Joanne Erskine, Anthropologist

Client: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service


This Cultural Heritage Assessment of the Torrington State Recreation Area was commissioned by Glen Innes District National Parks and Wildlife Service in 1998 to inform the preparation of a Plan of Management for the State Recreation Area.

The project was undertaken by a multi-disciplinary team which included an...


The Gamilaroi Women’s Bibliography.

Author: Rosemary Kerr, Mary Sparke and Sue Rosen

Client: Aboriginal Heritage Division of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

The project is part of the Aboriginal Women’s Heritage Program which aims to identify, record, conserve, protect and manage sites of significance to Aboriginal women in NSW. In doing this the program will also identify and record other issues relevant to Aboriginal women’s heritage, such as stories, rites, ceremonies, 


Comprehensive and Regional Assessment of Forested Lands, NSW Statewide Cultural Heritage Data Audit, Integration and Analysis.

Author: Sue Rosen, Beverley Johnson, Richard Temple, Brian Johnson and Rosemary Kerr

Client: Michael Pearson of Heritage Management Consultants, for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The assessment outputs included an annotated bibliography of sources relating to the history and non-indigenous cultural heritage of the forests of the five study areas identified in the Comprehensive Regional Assessment (CRA) process for eastern NSW and included the identification...


Preliminary Historical and Archaeological Survey of the Upper and Lower Mole River Dam Options with Elizabeth Rich for Department of Water Resources.

Client: Dumaresq-Barwon Border Rivers Commission

Authors: Elizabeth Rich, Archaeologist and Sue Rosen, Historian

An investigation of the Indigenous and non-indigenous heritage of the Mole River Valley for the Dumaresq-Barwon Border Rivers Commission. The Commission was investigating options for water storage and supply in the NSW - Queensland border region. The present report sets out a preliminary historical and Aboriginal site survey of the Mole River dam options.