Heritage & History Reports

Heritage Study: Luna Park & Lavender Bay

The major themes associated with the history of the study area are entertainment, transport, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and in later years development pressure and suspected corruption. From the mid 1930s the history of the area is predominated by the history of Luna Park - an institution with which many Sydneysiders and visitors have had some association. The distinctive artwork and architecture of Luna Park, like that of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, have helped create a cultural icon linked by juxtaposition with the aforesaid institutions.

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Conservation Plan: Silverwater & Mulawa Correctional Centre

The report was commissioned in November 1992 by Planning Workshop. As a conservation plan history it contributed to an assessment of the site's cultural significance. It is not a definitive history of the site but provides a general contextual overview and an analysis of the documentary evidence necessary for the development of a statement of significance.

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An Outline History of the Treatment of Tuberculosis in NSW: Methods and Facilities

A report prepared commissioned by Peter McKenzie of Jackson Teece Chesterman Willis Consultants Pty Ltd in January 1991 to inform a heritage and management study of Garrawarra Hospital, formerly known as the State Sanatorium, Waterfall. Original images were not available for inclusion due to deterioration in their quality, however the captions and sources have been provided.

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